Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Look for Golf Gear News 2.0 in a New Place

I am extremely excited to announce that this will be the last post on this blog platform because we have moved to a new WordPress platform. After 120 posts and 43 podcasts that began with the first blog entry 9/12/05, Golf Gear News has grown up.

The new site has all the old posts, but it also has a better layout, golf news streams, videos and as always, the blog and podcast. Join us over at the new site for more commentary on the world of golf.

I appreciate all my readers and listeners for visiting me here, but make sure you stay involved by bookmarking the new site at www.golfgearnews.net.

Bruce Stasch
Golf Gear News

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tiger's Done Before He Even Starts

It is amazing the spectacle of rabid celebrity worship. I just read a headline from Yahoo at the start of the second round of the Masters that said “Anyone’s Jacket” in big headlines. The subtext then said: “Tiger Woods is now six shots off the lead with second-round play under way at the Masters on Friday.” This makes it sound likes he’s dying out there.

Let’s put this in context. For the last few weeks everyone was talking about Tiger as if he’d already won this year’s Master. It was a done deal. He was a shoe-in. The oddmasters had him at 2 to 1. A lock.

Yet this headline makes it sound like he done for. There’s no hope. He’s already six strokes behind. Too bad, maybe he’ll win the next one.

Whoa rabid Tiger worshippers. How quickly the media jumps off the bandwagon just so they can write a compelling headline.

Context my friends. CONTEXT.

Let’s not forgot that when this was written at about 10AM in the morning, Tiger hadn’t even teed off for the second round. His tee time was at 1:52 pm. Almost four hours later. Let me repeat that TIGER HADN’T EVEN TEED OFF YET!

A case of burying the body before the person has even died.

Mr. Media and Rapid Celebrity Worshippers, let the man actually play the course before you write him off.

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Golf Gear News #44 - Odds of Tiger Winning US Open, Get a Tax Deduction, Black Ops Golf Psychology and Clubmaxx Golf Bags Interview

CLICK HERE to listen.

Interview with the Guru: Clubmaxxgolfbags.com .

The Newstand: Odds of Woods Winning the US Open, and Get a Tax Deduction for Playing Golf .

Golf of the Weird: Black Ops Golf Psychology .

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Golf Gear News #43 - Masters & Tiger, Masters Food, Masters History, San Diego Golf Academy Interview

CLICK HERE to listen.

Interview with the Guru: San Diego Golf Academy.

The Newstand: Odds of Woods Wining the Masters, How Did Amen Corner Get It’s Name, and Last Remaining Living Player from 1934 Masters.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Golf Gear News #42 - Wie Drops Out, Feherty Breaks Ribs, StopClubAbuse.org, Old Works Golf Course, FST Interview

CLICK HERE to listen.

Interview with the Guru: Femco Steel Technology (FST).

The Newstand: Wie Drops Out of Safeway Event, Adam Scott Hates Slow Play, and Feherty Gets Hit By Truck.

Golf of the Weird: Stopclubabuse.org.

Golf Around the World: Old Works Golf Course.

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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Golf Gear News #41 - Ernie Els on Autism, Golfer Kills Hawk, Adjustable Shafts, Scratch Golf, Where willTiger Play

CLICK HERE to listen.

The Newstand: Ernie Els Supports Autism.

Golf of the Weird: Golfer Kills Protected Hawk.

State of the Game: Women Can Compete with Men.

The Perfect Fit: Shaft Makers in the World of Adjustability.

She Golfs Too: Golf’s Venus and Serena Williams.
View the video. HERE.

Component Corner: Scratch Golf Wedges is Growing.

Component Corner: When Tiger Moves, Where Will His Home Course Be?

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Tiger Gives Away Four, Yes Four Buicks

I don't know when this first appeared, but a customer of mine from New York sent me this YouTube video of Tiger pulling a fast one on a bunch of unsuspecting golfers. The reason Tiger is so cool is that he appears to really have a great time giving these cars away. Thanks Richard for the link.