Monday, February 27, 2006

Golf Gear News - Podcast #9 2/26/06

We've just uploaded our ninth podcast!
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The Newstand: Hansberger Brother Inducted into PCS Hall of Fame, Former Masters Champ was Illiterate, Tiger's New Mansion -- The Real Dirt The Perfect Fit: Golf Galaxy Buys GolfWorks She Golfs Too: Young Female Stars Could Change Golf Component Corner: Royal Precision is on the Block Golf Around the World: Want Pyramid Views with That Golf Course? Mythbusters: Does a Longer Shaft Provide Greater Distance? Golf of the Weird: Priest Buys Golf Clubs with Another's ID
Website Spotlight: Farm Golf

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Golf Gear News - Podcast #8 2/12/06

We've just uploaded our eighth podcast!
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The Newstand: Dick Harmon Dies at 58, Daly & Olavabal Headline Hall of Fame Ballot, Tournament Held Up By Robber, Tiger's Learning Center Opens, Republicans that Golf
The Perfect Fit: 40 Things About Your Equipment Continued
Component Corner: Divnick Golf Adjustable Golf Club,
2006 is Year of the Colored Golf Ball, Nike Maxsight Contact Lenses
Mythbusters: Is A Large Sweetspot Better?
Golf of the Weird: World's Longest Driver
Website Spotlight: Iomic Golf Grips
Interview with the Guru: Nancy Berkley, Consultant

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Interruption of Golf Tournament Should Be A Crime

Just last week, a golf tournament was interrupted when an armed robber drove onto the Rye-Parramatta Golf Club in New South Wales, Australia. The thief, brandishing a shotgun and gripping a bag of ill gotten gains, rammed a fence, raced onto the fifth fairway and crashed into a greenside bunker (sounds like one of my iron shots). Fleeing into an empty house nearby, a two-hour siege transpired when police helicopters and a fleet of police cars surrounded the culprit and convinced him to surrender.

If the interruption of the NSW Amateur Championship wasn’t enough, the authorities closed down the course and four groups that were on the sixth hole waiting to play through, were unable to do so because of the “siege”. It is a fact that Australia was founded as a United Kingdom penal system, but interrupting a round of golf, especially during a championship, is really going too far, even for Australians.