Saturday, February 11, 2006

Interruption of Golf Tournament Should Be A Crime

Just last week, a golf tournament was interrupted when an armed robber drove onto the Rye-Parramatta Golf Club in New South Wales, Australia. The thief, brandishing a shotgun and gripping a bag of ill gotten gains, rammed a fence, raced onto the fifth fairway and crashed into a greenside bunker (sounds like one of my iron shots). Fleeing into an empty house nearby, a two-hour siege transpired when police helicopters and a fleet of police cars surrounded the culprit and convinced him to surrender.

If the interruption of the NSW Amateur Championship wasn’t enough, the authorities closed down the course and four groups that were on the sixth hole waiting to play through, were unable to do so because of the “siege”. It is a fact that Australia was founded as a United Kingdom penal system, but interrupting a round of golf, especially during a championship, is really going too far, even for Australians.


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