Saturday, December 17, 2005

One Golf Ball Brings Down an Air Force

Did you hear the story about the how one golf ball brought down an entire air force? Well, I’m sure all of you know where the Republic of Benin is. You don’t? It’s right between Togo and Nigeria in West Africa. Ahhh, now you know where it is. Well, in 1987, Benin had no golf courses. Yet, that didn’t stop Matthieu Boya from practicing his game. One day he was hitting golf balls into an open field next to the Benin Air Force base. He hit a high drive that struck a bird in flight. The stunned bird fell into the open cockpit of a fighter plane preparing for takeoff. The startled pilot lost control of the jet and crashed into four other planes parked on the runway. All five planes, making up the entire Benin Air Force, were destroyed. Well, now you know. I found this gem in Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.


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