Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Golf Gear News - Podcast #1 10-25-05

We've just uploaded our first podcast! Tell us what you think.
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The Newstand:
Hybrid Iron Sets, Putter pricing escalation, Crude Awakening, End of the 1-iron, Benttinardi Putter Fitting, Wie's Nike Millions
Interview with the Guru: Carol Ruetz, Components Plus Golf
Perfect Fit: Modern Clubfitting Options
She Golf's Too: Executive Women's Golf Association
Component Corner: Nickent Golf's New Designer, True Tempers M80 Alloy Iron Shaft, Tour Edge Exotics now a Driver, Allowing Rangefinders, Bang Golf co-Founder - leaves
Mythbusters: Busting the "Clubs Played on Tour" Myth
Clubbuilder Questions: COR vs CT?
Website Spotlight:


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