Monday, September 12, 2005

Nicklaus is Royalty

I thought it was interesting that only three living people were ever featured on legal tender: Queen Elizabeth of England, the Queen Mum and Jack Nicklaus. Boy, golf has sure gone big time. This summer the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) issued $10 million banknotes (US $15.6 million) that have quickly become a collector's item.

Now, before we get too teary-eyed, like in everything with big-time golf, there is more than meets the eye.
The RBS will be the primary financier of Guggenheim Nicklaus Partners, a new business venture between Guggenheim Partners, a global diversified financial services firm, and Nicklaus Investments, the real-estate investment arm of the business owned by the Golden Bear and his family. GNP they will invest in high-quality residential real estate and golf resort communities around the world, featuring Nicklaus-designed courses as the centerpiece of each development. It's good to be royalty. Sources and


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