Saturday, October 01, 2005

Insurance....for Your Game

I just had to comment on this. I recently bought a copy of Today's Golfer (the largest golf pub in the UK) and it contained an insert for golf insurance. Now, I didn't know there was such a thing as golf insurance. Travel insurance from the Mutual of Omaha airport kiosk, yes. Golf insurance, no.

This insurance coverage is offered by Entertainment & Leisure Insurance Services (E & L) of York, England. The policy will cover a golfer for lost or stolen golf clubs, tournament entry fees, will pay your club membership fee if you are unable to do so, gives you dental coverage for that errant tee shot and will spring for your celebratory bash if you get a hole-in-one. On page 78, a second company called Golfguard Worldwide Golf Insurance offers a policy for only $34.95 (USD $62.00/month) that will even cover the loss of your golfing trophies. For as little as 8 pence/day (that's only USD $0.14), you can have the piece of mind that even if you're a menace on the course, you'll be covered. Isn't it just like the golf-mad Brits to come up with something like this.


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