Friday, January 13, 2006

Michelle Wie - Give it a Rest

I’m all for women playing in a men’s PGA tour event. I’m fine with under-18 players qualifying for a tournament. What I’m not fine about is Michelle Wie trying to make the cut in the recent Sony Open in Hawaii. This is the seventh time she’s tried to make the cut and failed. The latest was an opening round 79. I’d think it would be great if she made a cut, but I’m starting to get very tired of the media mania that surrounds Ms. Wie every time she tries this. Once she succeeds (and I’m sure she will some day) it’s going to be a case of the girl who cried wolf too many times. Nobody is going to believe her or care. My guess is that another LPGA player is going to make a cut before she does.

Once she makes a cut, she’ll probably finish at the bottom of the money list for that tournament. She will someday become an excellent LPGA golfer, but she’s playing out of her element. It’s like Michael Jordan trying to play baseball. He’s probably the greatest basketball player ever to take to the court, but he was a lousy baseball player. What did he prove – that he couldn’t play baseball. What will Ms. Wie prove – that she’s a much better player when she plays on the LPGA tour.

It will be great if a woman makes a cut in a men’s PGA tour event, but it isn’t going to be Michelle Wie anytime soon. Babe’s record is safe...for now.


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