Monday, May 07, 2007

Golf Gear News #36: Wie Stops PGA Play, Maxfli Kills Daly Ad, Cost of Endorsements, Callaway Caught, Golf Patents Website

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In Episode #36 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch reports at The Newstand on Pro Athletes Who Are Golfers, Wie Will Concentrate on the LPGA, and Maxfli Kills Daly Ad.

In the State of the Game we read about The Cost of Endorsements and She Golfs Too introduces Lady With 10 Holes-in-One.

The Guru rants about the Idiocy of Draw Drivers & Moveable Weights.

We find that Callaway Gets Caught in Non-Conforming Web, and Golf of The Weird learns how to The Compute Odds of One Women's 10 Holes-in-One.

Finally, at Website Spotlight, check out the legal website Golf Patents.

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