Friday, December 22, 2006

If the Queen of England Can Podcast, So Can I

It was reported on Yahoo that Queen Elizabeth II of England will be making here traditional Christmas speech available as a podcast for the first time.

The broadcast will show the queen, wearing a green outfit, chatting to schoolchildren as she helps them make a collage of a nativity scene. "It should twinkle rather well, shouldn't it ... especially when the lights are on it," the queen remarks during the podcast.

Although she is about two years late to the podcasting party (and fourteen months behind me, the Golf Gear Guru), I have to commend her for embracing new technologies. If someone could have added to her upcoming speech a little bit about golf, that would have made it a "brilliant" listen.

So mark your calendars on December 25th at 15:00 GMT to see the Queen in her first podcast.

I say "bully for her." If the Queen can do it, anybody can.

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