Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Why Bowling is Better than Golf

After an absolutely horrible round of golf. After you have thrown your clubs in the pond and stomped off the course vowing never to play the stupid game again. You can alway pick up another ball, hit the lanes and bowl. Why not? It's got a lot of advantages:

-you don’t have to bring your own ball
-you don’t need 14 different clubs
-you don’t lose your ball in the woods
-you don’t need Sudafed because you’re allergic to cut grass
-you don’t have to wait for the beer cart girl
-one game costs $4 not $40
-you don’t need to pee behind a tree
-with bumpers you’ll never miss your target
-the higher your score the BETTER you did
-you get to wear cool shoes that only cost $2 to rent
-you don’t even have to keep score, it’s done for you
-a gutter ball is part of the game, and out-of-bounds is not
-you don’t have to get up early to get a good lane
-you don’t have to talk quietly when someone is bowling
-its okay to wear matching shirts
-you can have nicknames on your shirt like: Fats, Shorty or Tiny
-there are no club memberships to pay
-it never claims to be a form of exercise
-there is no dress code, as long as you wear shoes
-you can still play when it rains
-you don’t have to watch it on TV when you should be playing

According to the National Sporting Goods Association (NSGA), in 2006, at 44.8 million, Bowling ranks as the 4th most popular participatory sport and Golf, at 24.4 million, is ranked #16. Embarrasingly, golf lags behind sports like Fishing (#6), Weight Lifting (#10) and Billiards (#11).

Which sport ranks in last place (#41)???

Ice Hockey.

At least we still have another sport to kick around.

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