Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Michelle Wie Dumps Caddie. Is this the Beginning or the End?

I continued to be amazed at the ongoing saga of Michelle Wie. Anything that she does is front page news. So she fires here caddie. Big deal. Keeping a job as a caddie on the tour is harder than being a professional golfer. You can't fire yourself, but you can fire you caddie if you are playing poorly and Ms. Wie really stunk up the joint at the Ladies British Open.

I attribute the Michelle Wie phenomenon to the lifecycle of a product. Odd analog I know, but bear with me.

First, you've never heard of the product. Second, you market the hell out of it. Third, everyone knows about the product and everyone is talking about it. Fourth, everyone buys into the hype and has to get one. Fifth, now that everyone has one, we search to see if there is anything else to quench our buying lust? Sixth, finding nothing, then we, the fickle public, move to the next "great thing" and start buying that.

Michelle Wie is the same thing. Right now Wie, Inc. is a novelty, a circus act, an entertainment. The public likes that. They like to talk about what's new around the water cooler. Once the subject of Michelle Wie is old news, then we move onto something else more interesting.

Remember, before Ms. Wie turned pro, we talked all about the "young guns" on the LPGA. Now, since most of them have played poorly this year, we latched onto the latest sensation – Wieism (the worship of a winless wonder).

Now, unless Ms. Wie starts winning tournaments, she too will be old news. Faster than you can say Britney Spears.

Think of it as disposable celebrity.

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