Thursday, June 15, 2006

Royal Precision Shafts Won't Be Dead for Long

In my last podcast (#16) I reported that Royal Precision Shafts, loved by tour players and better golfers, was expected to close operations after years of losses. Knowledgeable golfers and clubbuilders alike know Royal Precision as the ones they put into their irons if they want high-quality, frequency matched shafts. Yet, in spite of their popularity on the tour, they couldn't make any money. Perhaps the recent introduction of the True Temper Black Gold shafts finally did them in.

So it was announced a few days ago that Royal Precision Shafts, will be purchased by the big daddy of steel shaft manufacturing, True Temper (anyone surprised?). It appears that True Temper is buying the patents, trademarks and brand names along with the technology and manufacturing equipment. The Rifle, Project X and other steel shafts will be produced in True Temper's Mississippi manufacturing facility.

Expect to see the reincarnated Royal Precision shafts on the market again later this year. I guess you can’t keep a good product off the market for long.


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