Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Oh, Cry Me a River Mr. David Toms III

Now that the afterglow from The Masters is down to glowing embers, some of us try to look back on what happened and reminisce. This includes professional golfers like David Toms III. AP writer Doug Ferguson got this gem from Mr. Toms last week “to me, it’s still a place where the players walk around on egg shells, not knowing if they are in the right place.” Toms goes on to say “it’s the only place all year where the players don’t feel like they’re the most important thing there.”

Not that I’m a big fan of Hoottie Johnson, and I think this may be one of the first things I agree with him on, but taking the spotlight off the players and keeping it squarely focused on the tournament is the right idea. These pampered millionaires appear to have lost their perspective. Their hands are held from the moment they arrive at a tournament and given their courtesy Cadillac Escalade, to the walk up the steps of their private plane when they leave.

Perhaps Mr. Toms is bitter because he wasn’t competitive and missed the cut with rounds of 76-76. Or he got up on the wrong side of the bed that week. Maybe he’s kicking himself because he didn’t think of carrying two drivers before Phil Mickelson did?

These guys earn $1 million for a tournament victory. They sign 5 year $100 million endorsement contracts. They are household names in the golf world. What more do they want? They are starting to sound like spoiled, overpaid, over-hyped basketball players. How soon before we have a golfer pull a Soriano and refuse to tee-off at a tournament?

Oh cry me a river Mr. Toms.


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