Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Big Surprise in Phil Mickelson's Bag

One thing that most viewers probably missed during Phil Mickelson's dominate golf performance last week at the BellSouth Classic was what was going on in Phil's bag. The commentators noted that Phil was experimenting with two drivers. Yes, two drivers. They stated that his fairways hit average was only 57% this year and during the BellSouth Classic he was hitting over 70% of his fairways.

Mickelson chose to test two drivers in this tune-up to the Masters to see if it would help him with the tight fairways at Augusta. With the new weighting systems of drivers like the Taylor Made r7Quad and Callaway FT-3, a golfer can adjust the clubhead weight to promote a draw or a slice. In the case of Mickelson, he used it to his advantage by keeping it in the fairway more than 70% of the time, and even more amazing, increasing his greens in regulation to a stunning 88.9%.

Get ready to make an investment in another 460cc driver because with this kind of improvement by a tour professional who switches to two drivers, regular golfers are bound to flock to their local pro shop to buy a twin sister or brother for their cherished big stick.


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