Sunday, April 30, 2006

Bobby Knight the Golf Show Impressario

You gotta see this. Bobby Knight, the former coach of the Indiana Hoosiers basketball team, now coach at Texas Christian University, was the host of a Golf Show. Yes, in the early 80s, the face of Indiana basketball Bobby "Mt. Vesuvius" Knight, was the host of a locally produced golf show entitled "Golf Your Way". For a man that is known for throwing chairs and choking players, telling others how to play golf doesn't seem to play to Bobby Knight's strengths.

Somewhere in between the long profanity-laced diatribes and the club throwing, Mr. Knight was attempting to instruct his viewers on how to improve their attitude and their golf score. Who better to talk about attitude?

I discovered this gem on an obscure sports blog called We Are The Postmen. There you will find show outtakes of a scratchy, poorly shot, nine minute video of Coach Knight beating balls, throwing clubs, pissing behind a tree, spewing a colorful litany of anatomical terms and castigating "Bernie" behind the camera. One of my favorites is his attempt at being a pitchman for Pizza Hut. "Pizza Hut is to appetite what Jack Nicklaus is to golf." Huh?



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