Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chicks That Caddy Have a Home Online

Maybe it's me. Maybe I'm a prude. Maybe I just don't understand, but during my daily web surfing, I tripped over a website called that claims to be a site launched to help those women that want to learn more about the game of golf through the eyes of a caddy. The site banner says that I'm about to join 100,000 golfers and 4,500 caddies if I just sign up. Cool.

The site also claims that it helps these ladies with training and support to learn and appreciate the game. They even offer a scholarship fund for those women wanting to become professional golf caddies? Searching everywhere, none of this is explained anywhere on the site.

Now I'll give the site some credit. A few of these women have played golf before, but most seem to be part-time college students and models, most with little or no experience. I was under the impression that a caddie was supposed to know something about golf, help make suggestions while you play (if asked) and carry and clean your golf clubs after each shot.

What I found when visiting is a sudo-escort service with listings of women, some vital stats (age, height, weight) and lots of nicely shot professional pinup photos. They also list their rates: $30/round, $18/hour, $400/day, etc. to carry your bags.

If I'm paying $75 for a round, what do I get for my $400? It better be a round of par or below.

What I really don't get is that these women willingly make themselves available for this type of thing. Yet, this isn’t the only place that women allow themselves to be exploited when golf is concerned. The Golf Punk Online, a favorite of mine across the pond, has its Bunker Babes. There is also a blog called Golf Babes that collects pictures of LPGA players. Even joins the exploitation party and sinks to a new low by linking to

Call it soft porn with golf equipment.

My favorite line is from Chicago native, green-eyed Tanya T: "I've been a part of several golf tournaments including the Playboy Girls of Golf. I'm a fun, outgoing person that loves to meet new people."

What a skill set. I'm sure she'll do wonders for my game. At $40/hour, she'd better.


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