Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dynacraft Will No Longer Exist

Yesterday I was ordering golf components from Hireko Golf and found out that Dynacraft, the equipment company based in Ohio that Hireko purchased last year, is disappearing in the same way as the Passenger Pigeon or the Dodo: its becoming extinct.

According to an Ohio-based customer service person that took my order, "...Hireko is no longer shipping orders from its Ohio location. Now, all orders will be coming out of California." I asked if that meant they were closing the facility and the employee said that "...yes, as I understand it, only the tech support people will still be here."

Although the Dynacraft brand will still exist, it appears that the company that used to be Dyanacraft is history. If Hireko is closing the Ohio facility, then basically what they purchased was the customer list, the brand name and inventory.

It's a harsh reality in the golf equipment industry with the recent demise of Royal Precision shafts (bought by True Temper), 2nd Swing Golf (currently being liquidated) and the end of Dyanacraft as an independent company.

It is my guess that this is only the beginning of a downward trend for equipment manufacturers and retailers.


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