Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Golf Gear News #30: Goosen Wins, Why We'd Rather Love Duval, Golf Club vs. Sword Fight,

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In Episode #30 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch reports at The Newstand on R&A Opening Clubhouse to Women, Goosen's Win in Qatar and Alledged Mob Ties to New York Golf Course.

In the Perfect Fit section we explore a recent Golf Shaft Survey by Golfweek.

The Guru Commentary rants about Why We'd Rather Love Duval.

She Golfs Too talks about a Couple that Decides Name on Golf Course and the Component Corner announces the Formation of a New Clubbuilders Association.

We travel the globe in Golf Around the World and visit the Goofy Golf Miniature Golf Course.

Our police blotter in Why Can't We All Just Get Along finds that a Golf Club vs. Sword Fight Broke Out. Golf of the Weird hears about Golf Cart Vandals.

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