Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Podcast: Duval Wimps Out, Charity Golf Addiction, Golf Ball-sized Hail, a Natalie Gulbis Day and Grand Theft Golf Cart

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In Episode #38 of Golf Gear News, host Bruce Stasch reports at The Newstand on Duval Wimps Out at the British Open, and Virginia Tech Student wins British Amateur.

In the State of the Game we hear about the golf industry's Charity Golf Event Addiction.

The Guru Rants about Golf Ball-sized Hail.

In She Golfs Too we follow Natalie Gulbis for a Day.

Visit the Component Corner where you can get your very own Starship Enterprise Putter.

We return to Afghanistan's capital Kabal to visit the World's Most Dangerous Golf Course.

Finally, Golf of the Weird learns about a Minnesota Grand Theft Golf Cart Case.

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