Wednesday, February 07, 2007

My Apologies to Glen Everhart

On a recent podcast, I inadvertently attributed a song clip to a singer/songwriter based here in Minnesota named Glen Everhart. Boy was I ever embarrassed. The clip I played was a parody song, not an original composition of the likes that Mr. Everhart writes. So, here's my official apology to Glen for screwing this up. Sorry Glen.

To make it up to him, I thought I'd pen a few lines about who he is and why I think his original golf songs are so fun. First off, Glen is a Minnesota-based family man that has been performing his one-man golf show to hundreds of audiences across the Midwest over the last seventeen years. Last year he put out a CD entitled The One Putt Strut with eleven original pieces like "Golfing in Paradise", "Slackin’ & Hackin" and "The Chance to Shoot His Age".

According to his bio, his live shows include hitting balls into the audience (waffle balls that is), tricks shots and audience participation. He's got an agency that gets him out on 80-100 gigs a year so he’s a busy guy. Since he's got a night job, he’s got time to play golf during the day (why can’t we be so lucky).

So, if you’re looking for a golf-themed show for a company function or just want some novelty songs about the game we all love, checkout Glen Everhart and his new CD The One Putt Strut at


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