Thursday, June 28, 2007

O’Grady is an Idiot if he Thinks Technology Makes Tiger Woods Great

This has to be a cry for help because this statement is just plain stupid: "When Nicklaus and Palmer played, when [Ben] Hogan played and Sam Snead played, on a scale of zero to 10, they were a nine-plus," Mac O’Grady said. "Tiger Woods is not even a one-plus."

Then, this dolt has to go out and show his continued ignorance by saying: "The reason why [Woods] can hit it on the green is because he has square grooves," he said. "He doesn't have that, he's dead. He cannot do it -- it's impossible. For him to go after Nicklaus's records is cheating. This is like steroids."

I sense a touch of bitterness. Actually, I sense a lot of bitterness. Truckloads of it. This Mac O'Grady, a former PGA Tour player that to his credit won two tournaments, took 18 swings at qualifying in Q-school before he made it on tour. He adds to his madness by slapping the Champions Tour and calling them "powder-puff" players when he is probably of the age that he could be playing on this tour.

This must be a case of "negative publicity is better than no publicity at all" (a statement by Donald Trump) or someone who hasn’t taken his meds today because it surely can’t be based on any facts worth quoting.

To declare that technology is what has made Tiger Woods the world’s best golfer, and perhaps the best golfer of all time, is just plain ludicrous. It’s like saying that if I played a Steinway, I’d be just as good as Glenn Gould. If I fired up a piece of composing software I'd be better than Mozart or if I just had a better paintbrush I’d be just as good as Michelangelo.

Tiger Woods is a great golfer because he has the most talent, not the best equipment. Every golfer has access to top-of-the-line equipment. What they lack is Tiger’s tenacity, drive, endurance, and killer instinct. He overcomes adversity. He plays consistently while those around him collapse. He knows how to manage a course and when pushed, he closes the deal. Yet, he is human like all of us and doesn’t win every tournament.

If you want to see someone with lots of natural talent and the best equipment, look at how well Michelle Wie is playing today. In her case it clearly isn’t the paintbrush but the painter that is the problem.

What a pile of crap this O’Grady is spewing. I guess that it’s okay in today’s media world though because Ann Coulter or Paris Hilton can say anything they want and it is still considered news too.

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